Hear{T) You Glow !

The Above Photo Of Hear{T} You Glow Was Photographed At The Bank. The Bank Gave Special Permission For The Photography To Occur. It Was Divine Knowingness To Have The Photography Done At The Bank Due To Built In Security Measures Of Guards * Bank Employees All Around * Camera Monitors While Being In A Public Setting Of Combining The Art With The Physical Cash Money. You Can Notice The 3 Sets Of $333 That Add Up To The Triple Money Master Code Structures Of The $999. The $999 Also Reflect The Price Should You Choose To Purchase This Particular Signage Portal.

PROCESSES * PROCESSES * PROCESSES ~~~ The Beginnings Start With Inner Vision Via Natural Inspiration Or Dreamtime State Of Specific Frequency Homing In On An Expressional Creation To Birth Through.

Above Is The Beginning Process Of This Latest Master/Mistress Peace/Piece

The ColOUR Drawing/Rendering Is The Next Step. It is A Natural Process Of How The Creative Architect/Builder Relationship Process Flows !

Yes ~~~ The Choosing Of The Specific Font Is Imperative Because The Quality Of The Lettering Combined With The Image & ColOURS On The Canvas Give It The Flair That Is Needed For The Artistic Composition.

The Pink Howlite Heart Shaped Gemstones Were Chosen For The Finishing Touches To Anchor The 4 Diamond Corners. Howlite has a calming influence for the mind and is helpful for achieving a beautiful nights rest. The stone assists in eliminating pain while diffusing and reducing the emotional states of anxiety, tensions, stress and anger.

Enjoy ~ InJoy This Portal Of Glory As It Shines & Expresses In The Most Memorable Ways !

Kind Regards, Artista ~ Krystal McWinn

Contact Krystal@ArtistsWithMoney.com To Make Arrangements For Purchase.

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