*BASED ON ATTRACTION: If You Own Or Run A Heart~Centered Company or Soul/Sole Proprietorship That Is Progressive & Wants To Attract The Brightest Folks To Work For You And Grow Great Leaders. All While Keeping You Engaged & Empowered With Your Own Loving Self Worth & Ethics For Those Who You Work With. 

*IDEATE: You Are An Executive Quality Woman Who Believes In Her Own Heart~Based Soul Mission: To Bring The Most Sparkling Brilliance, Exciting & Fun Loving Ideas To The Round Table On How To Shift & Navigate The Conversation So That You Can Attract & Retain The Best Leaders For Your Company Or Soul Proprietorship Business. Those Heart~Centered Leaders Then Nurture Your Happy & Satisfied Customers & Clients Who Bring The Money Through The Door Of Your Artistic Company. Hence Creating A Win~Win~Win Scenario For All. 

*INFLUENCE: If You’d Love To Do All Of This & Not Be Out Of Integrity Soul Alignment To Influence Decision Makers Based Upon High~Quality Driven Relationship Of Partnership & Collaboration That Involve Your Speciality Artistic Nitch That Angelically Spreads Her Wings To Embrace The Strengthening Love Felt Energy That Ignites The Queendom From Within So That Others Who Still Have The “Perception Of Without” Can Be Held & Rocked With The Cradle Of Your Loving Embrace Of Influence While You Hold The Heart~Centered Space For Them To Receive & Grow Their Money To The Top Line. Breaking Perceived Glass Ceilings Of Keeping One Down & Getting Them To The Next Levels Of Economic Growth Of 5~Figured Incomes To 6~Figures. 6 Figured Incomes To 7 Figures. 7 Figured Incomes To 8 Figures. 


*IMPACT: If You’d Love To Be Seen As A Heart~Centered Game Changer (Who Makes Dollars Rather Than Cents/Sense LoL!} In The Space Of Making A Great Life For Yourself, Your Family & Your Company That Impacts Others With Your Loving Soul Based Mission So That You Can Create Win~Win~Win Solutions & Scenarios That Lead To Solid Long Lasting Grounded Happiness Results. Then Those Time~Tested Results Produce Astounding Outcomes In All Areas Of Life Pertaining To Success In Your “Artistry Fabric” Of Creational Codes That Connect The Love Dots From Inner Wisdom Through The “Value Gap” = {Equating} Into Your Human Voice That Speaks The Truth Of How Your Glorious Gifts That You Share With Others Make You Mounds Of Money. All While You Are Aware That Making Fabulous Money With Your Company Or Soul Proprietorship Is Not The “End Game”…….It Is A Fun, Joyful & Happy Game To Play That Fuels Your Soul Mission During Your Precious Time Here On Earth. 

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CULTIVATE: If You Want To JOYfully Cultivate A Culture Of Professional Influencial Women & Show Them A Path To Success That Has Been Paved By Those Of Us Who’ve Been There Already So That They Can Stand Solid In The Healthiest Ways Possible. This Includes Top Notch Healthy Lifestyle Of Nourishing Nutrition & Exercise * Heart~Centered Family Core Values * Fantastic “Higher~Self” Based Energy Education * Plus The Importance Of Money, Riches & Wealth.

RESONATE: Who Is This For? It’s For You If This Message Resonates…………..To Not Settle * To Not Take NO For An Answer Because You Know The Answer Is YES*YES*YES…………..To Allow The Importance Of Your Time To Be Spent On: LOVING YOURSELF NOW………..So That Your Over~Flowing Chalice Of Heart~Felt Love Energy& Joy~Filled Excitement Can Be Experienced Thru Your Family * Friends * Associates * Successful Running Artistic Soul Mission Based Company That Produces Astounding Results For Your Happy Clients & Customers * Others Lives Who You Magically Touch In The Most Profound Ways * Beauty * Grace * Your Divine Soul Essence * Artistry * Elemental Families Of Animals & Pets * Nature Angels * Plants * Flowers * Trees That Breathe While Nurturing The Planet & Ourselves. You Love The Earth & Are Aware That A MOTHER = Someone Who Lovingly Mothers. That A FATHER = Someone Who Lovingly Fathers. That A CHILD Or GRANDCHILD = Someone Who Knows How To Lovingly Play Well With Others……And Divinely Embrace The Trinity Source Of (Mother*Father*Child)……..All Co~Creation Of Life.

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RESONATE CONTINUED: Divinely Connecting & Attracting JOYful Clients And Customers Who Are Ready To Receive What You Passionately Provide With Your Artistic Company Or Soul Mission Based Business. 

If You Are Ready To Uncover Your True Essence * Identify The Lies Of The Old Out~Dated Patterns That Have Been Holding You Back * Accessing Your Own Inner Divine Truth So That It Manifests In All Areas Of Your Heart~Centered Life * Creating The Enhanced Vision For Your Artistic Company So That It Unfolds Your Inner Guidance “Super~Power” With The Astounding Results That You Deserve To Receive. 

In Addition……..You Are Aware That JOYfully Making Money Is A Spiritual Artistic Endeavor That You Apply NOW In Your Life Rather Than Waiting Around For The “Perceived Perfect Circumstance” To Arrive {Pulling The Cart Before The Horse}. 

SHAZAM ! You Are Ready To Do All This With Class, Grace, Beauty & Style Because You Are Aware That You Are Ahead Of Your Time & On The Leading Edge Of Guiding Others To Their Full Potential ! 

If This Fully Resonates With You Then Let’s Connect The Heart Centered Dots Of Loving Your Soul Mission Based Company To Prescriptions Of JOY By Visiting: https://artistswithmoney.com/prescriptions-of-joy/

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