Through The Loving Light Fiber Material Of The Physical Trees, Plants, Flowers, Organic Earth Soil Material (Top Soil Of The Dry Crust / Land / Continents)………..Larger Scope View Of This Planet (Let’s Look At The Word Planet………..The Word Plan & Net Are In It)………Now Let’s Look At The Word PLANT The Word Plan Is In It ~ The Word Ant Is In It (Aunt)……..What Do The Ants Do?

They Are Always Looking For Water When The Land Dries Up…………….They Look For Water/Food Sources………….Though There Is An Amazing Intelligence With Ants………..A Lot Of Folks Perceive The Ants / Ant Energy Fields As Bothersome………Destructive……….And Most Folks Do Not Want Them In Their House.

Fully Understandable Yet, When We Work With Them & Relate With Them Looking For Water/Food When Things Dry Up…………….Aren’t We The Same Way As Humans?

When Things Dry Up We Are Looking For Water/Food.

LOVING PLANT SHIELDING Creates An Amazing Field Of Protection Around Our Light Body & Assists In Bringing Our Physical Body Structure Into More Health ~ Wellness & Higher Frequency Vibration Due To The Nature Of The PLANT.

Different PLANTS Carry Unique Energy Frequencies That Hold Light,
Sounds/Music (Look Up The Singing Plants Of Danmanhur If You Do Not Know What I am Referring To…………That Will Give You A Really Good Example Of The Sound Vibration Of Plants).  

The Qualities Of Light, Sound & Colours Of PLANTS That Are Living Light Coded….. Bring The Most Amazing Energy Nutrition To The Earths Body (SHIELD HOLDING MATERIAL) & Our Human Physical Bodies Do Too When We Consume Them For Food/Fuel/Energy.

This Is Why When Many Shift Their Diets From Animal Food/Fuel/Energy To More PLANT Based Diets Or Pure Plant Based Diets (Juices From The Plant, Fiber Of The Plant) Much Healing Occurs For A Lot Of Folks.

That Healing Then Allows The Humans Consciousness To Break The NETS That Have Held Enslavement Consciousness With Their Human Physical Body System & Merge More With Their Light Body System Consciousness That Provides A SHIELDFrom The Entrapment Of Old & Outdated Frequencies That No Longer Serve Us. 

This Is Where Science & Spirituality Meet Within The Physical Framework Of The Human Body.  

The Nature Of Plants Can Provide A SHIELD OF PROTECTION From Inorganic Forms Of Pathogens That Create/Activate Disease Patterns, Illnesses, Poor Health Etc.  

When We Bless Our Food With Love ~ Pray At The Table ~ Eat/Consume/ The Life Of Herbs, Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables Or Drink The Protective Waters Of PLANTS It Provides An Amazing Energy Frequency Within Us That Feeds Our Soul & Higher Self The More Open Gateways……..Paths To Connect With The Loving Frequency Alignment To Our SOURCE SELVES ~ GOD RELATIONSHIP ~ GODDESS RELATIONSHIP (What Ever You Want To Call It).

That Loving Divine Connection Is What Truly Brings The LIGHT FORM Of Protection/Shield Of Protective Layers Into The Manifestation Into The Human Consciousness Material.

Then SHA~ZAM The DNA Substrands Have The Opportunity To Weave More Braids Of Higher Developement Consciousness Into Our Full Strands Of DNA Repair/Activation/Developement Of How Organically & Naturally They Are Suppose To Bee/Be & Pollinate.

Pollination Of Light !

As Humans We Are The Pollinators Of The Light, Sound, Colour Frequencies Too !

The PLANT SHIELDS Are Much More Effective Now So  Than Ever With The Higher Frequencies Of The Shifting Vibrational Structures Of Our World.

Those Still Consuming Animals For Food & Energy Are Still Working With ANIMAL SHIELDS Of Protection………..I Get It !

Yet, For Those Who Are Working With More Of The PLANT SHIELDS Of Protection Are Those Whose Consciousness Is Connecting With Easier & Lighter Ways Of Living, Breathing, Loving & Joyful Manifesting Experiences That This Magical Earth Really Has To Offer All Of Us !

Bee On The Look Out Soon For The Arrival Of My New Divine Recipe Book That Is Featuring Some Of The Most Delectable Tasting Plant Shielding Vegan Recipes That I Have Put Together For The Past 10 Years !

Sparkling Brilliance In The Name Of Heart Felt Love, Truth, Connection, Creativity, Health, Wealth, Joy, Beauty & Divine Essence.

~ Have A Fantastic Day ! ~

Blessings, Krystal McWinn

PS. All Inspirational Activation ArtWork You Feel & See In This Post Was Personally Hand Painted Via Krystal McWinn For Specific Frequency Vibrational Purposes.

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