Heart~Warming Organic Vegan Cream Of Vegetable Soup

ON THE NUTRITIONAL FRONT {Culinary Arts}: Heart~Warming ??????CREAM OF VEGETABLE SOUP } Comfort * Rich * Thick * Creamy * Nutrient Packed * Super Tasty * Fills You Up * Fabulous To Make For The Holiday Season * Super Supportive For The Physical Body.??????Here Is The Scoop For The Soup: Make Veggie Stock: I Utilized Left Over Pulp From Juicing*****Beet Pulp*Celery Pulp*Carrot Pulp+++++++Fresh Organic Turmeric Root * Garlic * Onions * Zucchini (Blended The Veggie Stock)…………..Then Poured Back Into Pot & Added Fresh Seasonings: Cinnamon * Grand Marsala * Garlic Pepper Herb * Pink Salt * Cumin * Curry………………..Then For The Cream Cream Sauce} Handful Of Cashews * 5 Pitted Dates * Fresh Mineral Water…………Topped With Fresh Cilantro = One Fabulous Soup Meal That Went From DIVINE CLAIR~GUSTANCE To Healthy Manifestation For The Physical Body To Receive ! ?????

ARTI$TS WITH MONEY Has An Entire CLAIR~GUSTANCE {Clear Tasting} Aspect That Supports The Physical Body Temple/Vehicle.

This Is Because The View Point Is: What Is The Purpose Of Having Lots Of Money If You Are Not Able To Attend To The Nutritional Elements Of Feeding & Loving Yourself Enough * Your Family * Your Friends With Awesome Food Recipes & Healthy Food Choices That Naturally & Nutritiously Serve Folks Into Receiving Pleasure For The Palate. {Prescription Of Joy}

Kind Regards ~~~~ Divine Chef ~~~~ Krystal McWINN

PS. Soon To Arrive ARTI$TS WITH MONEY Divine Recipe Book ~~~~ Stay Tuned~In !

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