OK ~~~~ These Particular PORTALS Of LOVE HANDS & LOVE FEET Are Options For Those Choosing A PORTAL. This Is Where You Choose The Colors That Best Reflect You: For Your Personality & Energy Signature.


STORY: As A Former Professional Model & Spokes Model…………..One Of The Aspects Of Modeling I Did Was As A Foot Model {Cute Feet Type} For High End Shoes & Bare Feet In Earth Natural Settings.

{At The Bottom Of This Post You Will Find A Short 15 Minute Video About The Science Of Grounding }

Then One Day It Was Made As A Suggestion For Me To Also Become A Natural Hand Model Too.

However, At That Particular Time I Was Wearing Those Fake Fingernails To Cover~Up My Nervous Fingernail Biting.

This Was Some Awful Nervous Habit I Had Since I Was A Very Small Child & Carried On For Almost 20 Years.

I Had Never Even Known What My Own Fingernails Even Looked Like My Entire Life ~~~~~Because As Soon As There Was Any Sign Of Fingernail Growth ~~~~I Would Chew It Off ~~~~And I Was Hiding A Lot Of Hand/Fingernail Shame That I Carried.

Once That Suggestion Regarding The Natural Hand Model Was Made To Me ~~~~~Something “Clicked”, Resonated And I Was Inspired To Heal My Hands.

So I Brought My Nubby * Scabby * Nail~Chewing Naked Hands To The “Top Notch” Nail Salon In Town For A Professional Manicure.

Everyone There Thought I Was “Nutzo~Crazy” Because There Was Nothing To Manicure.

However, I Did This Professional Manicure Ritual Of Showing Up At The “Top~Notch” Nail Salon Every Single Week For 6 Months As An Honoring Method Of Loving Myself & Healing My Lovely Hands Of The Horrible Nail~Biting Habit.

After The 6 Months Of Choosing To Do This I Ended Up With The Most Beautiful Hands That Displayed Real Natural Fingernails That Were Strong.

My Hands Were Child~Size Even As An Adult !

Now, Once I Had Achieved The Hand Healing ~~~~ I Then Ended Up Manifesting A Job As A Hand Model For The Ultimate Shopping Network Where I Displayed Beautiful High End Jem Stones & Jewelry.

They Ranged From Rings * Bracelets * Displaying Necklaces Made Of Rubies * Sapphires * Emeralds * Diamonds ++++++Many Other Kinds Of Precious Natural Jem Stones Too.

Years Later After This Hand Healing & Foot Modeling ~~~~ I Ended Up As A Natural Energy Healer Utilizing My Activated Hands To Assist In Energetic Surgeries * To Transmit Sacred Hand Mudras For Healing Purposes With Humans * Animals & Their Environments.

We All As Human Have The Sacred Abilities Of Activating Our DNA To Transmit Healing Light Energy ~~~~ Hence The LOVE HANDS & LOVE FEET PORTALS That You Have The Option Of Choosing.

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Kind Regards, Krystal McWINN

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