Comforting Organic Vegan Macaroni & Cheese (Super Yum!)


This Recipe Is By Far The Tastiess ~ Duplicates Old Macaroni & Cheese Ways Via Looks, Comfort Food & Yet Brings In The Yumminess Of Satisfying The Craving Of Receiving This Food Without Chemicals, Animal Cheese, Soy, Wheat & Nutritional Yeast (Often Contains MSG ~ No Good For Body). 


* 2 Organic Carrots 

* 1 Large Bulb Fresh Tumeric Or At Least Have Tumeric Spice (1 Big Teaspoon) 

* 1 Organic Potato 

* 1/2 Of Organic Onion 

* Organic Rice/Quinoa Pasta 

* Pink Sea Salt 

* 1 Teaspoon Of Paprika 

* 1/4 Teaspoon Of Cyanne Pepper

* 1/2 Cup Of Raw Organic Cashews  

* 1/4 Cup Of Organic Stone Ground Mustard 

* 1/4 Cup Of Organic Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice 

* High Speed Blender + 2 Stove Pots  


* Boil  Chopped Up Onion, Potato, Carrots & Tumeric + Add 1/2 Teaspoon Of Pink Seasalt, Paprika, Tumeric Spice & Cyanne Pepper In Pot For About 20 Minutes.  

* Boil Rice/Quinoa Pasta In Separate Pot Until You Are Happy With Consistancy Of Pasta.  

* In High Speed Blender Combine Raw Cashews (You Can Soak These Ahead Of Time If You Like) ~ ~ ~ Stone Ground Mustard + Lemon Juice } Until It Makes Smooth Consistancy.   

Then Add Ingredients Of Boiled Potatoes/Carrots/Onion/Tumeric/Spices To The Ingredients In The High Speed Blender ~ Do Not Over Pour Liquid Broth ~ Add As Needed For Smooth Cheesy Like Consistency ~ If You Have Boiled Vegetables In A Lot Of Water Then Slowly Add The Water Broth As Needed To The High Speed Blender Ingredients.  You Will Know !!! Remember You Want Your Consistancy In The Blender To Be Creamy & Melted Cheesy Smooth ! 

Now, Once Your Pasta Is Fully Boiled To The Way You Like It ~ ~ ~ Pour Your Creamy Melted Cheese From The Blender Over It & Stir.  

Thats It ! 

Sometimes I Add Organic Peas To My Vegan Macaroni & Cheese Or Place Steamed Broccoli Around The Pasta To Give Some Greens To This Heart Warming & Satisfying Comfort Food Meal.  

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Kind Regards, Krystal McWINN ~ Divine Culinary Arts Vegan Chef (Manifesting With Claire~Gustance)

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