* Artistic Energetic Update: *

The Portal Gateway Of The NEW 12:12:12 = 36 = 9 Energy Has Anchored Solidly ~~~~ Profound Insights In The Most Highest Capacity Have Opened~~~~It Is Like NEW EYES Inside & Outside: Lovingly Link * Cha~Chink * Twinkle & Tink * Blessingly Blink * Wowza~Wink * Via The LONGEST WICK OF THE CANDLE Blazing It’s White Flame Of Light That Has Relinquished All That Had Been Blanketed * Stood In The Way Before * Disguised As Dreary***********No Longer Exists !

The Inner Light ColOUR Access Of True Chakra Energy Aura Amplification Via Krystal Kodes * Inner Lit Roads * Brings Abundance Loads Of The “NO MORE VEIL”.

YES………..This Directly Applies To The Forerunners Of The 4~Runners Who Embody Their Heart Chakra At Loving Soul Levels Of The Green Krystalline Light Frequencies /Heart Physical Organ/Cardio Vascular/True Blood Circulation.

Thus Equating To The Capacity Of DNA Access (Loving Heart~Felt Cellular Memory) Via The Inner Spiritual Light Body So That Achievement Can Be Made Without Old Negative Impacting Energy Burdens Of:

* A BLOCK (Emotional Control ~ Financial/Money Control ~ Food Control ~ Government Control ~ Mind Control ~ Physical Body Control ~ Spiritual Light Body Control)

A BLOCK: You Can See/Sea It NOW /Own That/ Forgive That With Frequencies Of The Loving Heart/ Make It Yours/Real~Estate Within & Without.

* A CLOCK (Time Control)

A CLOCK: Lose Your Watch ~ Stay In The Moment Of NOW ~ Live Life Like An Animal Without A Time Clock Governing & Dictating A Schedule. Allowing The “Real Time” Energy To Be Utilized In Alignment With Your Higher Self Source Energy.

*A COCK (Sexual Control)

A COCK: Allowing The Celebration Of The Sacred Genitals & Seed To Be Held With The Most Beauty Of Loving Conscious Co~ Creation Of Parenting * Blessed & Sanctified Via Heart Frequency Guided Sexual Energy Being Properly Honored.

* A DOC (Medical Control)

A DOC: Providing The Real DOCK Of WELLness Where The BOAT Is Harbored And Anchored With Love Supported Nutritional Health * Proper Mineralization * Krystal Clear Waters For Quinching The Thirst Of What Our Human Krystalline Water Bodies & Plantary Earth Krystalline Water Body Requires For Smooth Sailing!

* A FLOCK (Birth &/Or Soul Family Gathering Control)

A FLOCK: Often Associated With The GOLDen Energies Of The Higher Heart……Up In The Sky & Air Flying WINGED ONES: The Birds * Butterflies * Bees * Angels * Nature Fairies * Those Who Flock Together ~ Stay Together Via The LOVE 4 Each Other That Resonates At Core True Heart Family Frequencies.

* A KNOCK (Fall~Down Closed Door Control)

UNLOCKED DOORS NOW For Those To Get Up & Join The Common WEalth * The HappINess Of Health * The Royality Of RICHness * The Families Of KINdness Who Are Jumpin’ For JOY With All Of The NEW ENERGY PathWAYS To Walk Through With Love.

* A LOCK (Key Control)

You Have The Golden Krystal KEYS To Clear Anything Within You & Allow The Heart Based Star Gates Of The Inner Plazma Body & Outer Plazma Body That Reflects With The Outer Environments Of Yourself, Other Humans, Animals, Planetary Bodies To Activate With The Eternal Living Loving Light Flame Access NOW.

* A ROCK (Crystal/Krystalline/Christ Consciousness Control)

Singing Stones * Crystals Protecting, Activating, Amplifying, Carrying Specific Energy * Light, ColOUR & Sound From Within To Bless Us & This Planet With ROCK Solid Results Of Our Natural Birthright Loving Consciousness Connection!

* A SOCK (Fighting /War Control)

Soft Textiles Of Custom Fitting Sacred Cloth Protecting The LOVE FEET Temporily & Often Worn With Shoes While They Walk Amongst The Earth With The Tender & Nurturing Energies Of Love In Motion !

* A TALK (Voice/Truth/Speaking Control)

Authenticity Connects At Every Level Of Your Clear Tones Of The Tongue ~ Love Languages Of The Heart Express Via Your True Speaking With Core Values Being Expressed Via Your Personal Sound High Frequency Vibrations.

* A WALK (Exercise/Body Movement Control)

The Heart Felt WALK of The WALK In~Motion With Experience & WELL~Seasoned Love Energy = A Recipe Of Daily Exercise For The Physical Body To Receive & Give The Flesh Temple Movement That Connects The Pure Ability Of You !

All Of The Above Mentioned With Old Veil Controls +++++Removal Antidotes {Full DNA Access Via Sacred Word Codes That Are Poetic In Living Love Light Frequencies} Are Shifted Very Easily NOW.

Via Reframing With The HEARt Inner/Outer Light Of The “LONGEST WICK OF THE CANDLE” White Light {All The ARTistic Color Spectrums Of The Rainbow Glowing & Glistening Brightly}!

Kind Regards, Krystal McWINN


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