Mr. & Mrs. Allen Who Are My Longest Time Friends ~ Were My Neighbors Since I Was 6 Years Of Age ~ Mrs. Allen Was Also My 2nd Grade Elementary School Teacher Too **** These Folks That I am Mentioning I Have Experienced The Most Wonderful Relationship With All Of This Life ~~~~They Are Super Duper Awesome!!! Anyhow, They Just Sent This Photo Clipping Today From The 1996 Newspaper Clipping Of When I Performed In My 1st Professional Musical Play Called Cowboys In Love::::::::::::I Was The “Rootinest Hootinest Prettiest Cowgirl This Side Of The Poconos”.

Longtime * Lifetime Natural Beauty Codes Connecting In {{{Even Though The Newspaper Clipping Is Representing Glamorized Beauty For Publicity Purposes Of The Musical Play}}}**** Pleasant Surprises Are Within All Of US NOW With Embracing All Aspects Of Ourselves Of Who We Are At The Core ***** Innate Gifts Truly Being Seen ***** Honored ***** Expressed ***** Enhanced ***** Loved ***** Inner Super Vision Of Self !!!

Kindest Regards, Catalina

Aka: Krystal McWinn {{{{Spiritual Artistic Pen Name}}}}

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