The PORTAL TO MANIFEST FLOWER Was Originally Hand Drawn Designed In April Of 2020:::::::::::::2 Months To Get This “Baby” Into Physical Manifestation Of An Inspirational Activation Portal Painting.

The Infinity 8888 Heart Mastery Crystal Genetic Code Structure Design Holds Your “Infinite Self” At A 432 Hertz Frequency Base & Higher Hertz Frequencies Of Abundance Energy For Manifestation.

These Manifestions Are Directly Related To The “Magical Realms” Of The Elementals Who Are Directly A Part Of Our Beloved Earth Abundance Vibrational Levels That Are Very Subtle.

This Includes: Beauty * Nature Angels {{{Fairies * Sprites * Gnomes Etc.}}} * Plants * Animals * Flowers * Trees * Crystals & Stones * Foods Grown In The Earth Etc.

✨💖✨💖✨Love Mastery Of Health * Love Mastery Of Money * Love Mastery Of Relationships * Love Mastery Of Source/Spirituality Energy * Love Mastery Of Home Environment * Love Mastery Of The Physical Dynamics In Life âœ¨ðŸ’–✨💖✨

When These Infinity 8888 Heart Mastery Crystal Genetic Codes Are Grounded And Anchored ::::::::::::::::Viola The Magical Thinking/Beingness Of You Can Manifest Into The Physical Playing Field Of Earth For Fun * Delight * Awesomeness Sauce Of Your Life !

Please Do Post Your Answers To This Question Below ! Looking Forward To Reading & Listening To What You Have To Say !

Kind Regards, Catalina

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