Energy Of The Good Millionaire Book + Wells Fargo Check

βœ¨πŸ’•βœ¨πŸ’•βœ¨ Shaaaaaaaazzzzzzaaaaaammmmm !

βœ¨πŸ’•βœ¨πŸ’•βœ¨Boom !!

βœ¨πŸ’•βœ¨πŸ’•βœ¨La~La~La~La~La~La !!!

Have Been Working With A Long~Time Client Assisting This Person With Manifesting.

#1 Result ~~~ This Person Achieved Losing 150 lbs & Has Successfully Kept It Off For Over 3 Years Now !!!

#2 Result ~~~ This Person Also Successfully Achieved Getting Off Of Legal Psychological Drugs Prescribed Via The Military Naturally With My Dedicated Guidance & Is Happy + Drug Free !!!

#3 Result ~~~ This Same Person Also Has Successfully Increased Money Income Making 3x More Than Prior To Working With Me Via My Portal To Manifest Sessions !!!!

However, This Person Has Refused To Budge With Becoming Self~Employeed Despite I Have Rolled Out The “Gold~Carpet” & Opened The Door Sooooo Many Times For This Person To Walk Through !!!!

So Being A Dedicated Manifesting Coach I Instructed This Person To Order The GOOD MILLIONAIRE BOOK Via T~Harv {{{ Who Is A Master At Educating Folks With Money & Successful Entrepreneurship }}} ::: My Own Intuition Guided Me With All Of This !!!

I Had 1 Copy Sent To This Personal Client & 1 Sent To Myself So That We Would Literally Stay On The “Same Page” Together.

Yesterday I Went To My Post To Pick~Up THE GOOD MILLIONAIRE BOOK & At The Post Was Also A $150.00 Check From Wells Fargo !!!


The Check Arrived With A Note From Wells Fargo Stating They Were Sorry That In The Past {{{ Years & Years Ago }}} When I Did Have A Wells Fargo Account >>>> They May Have Held Up My Money That May Have Resulted With Challenges Of Accessing That Money When I Needed It !!!

There Was No Class Action Lawsuit Or Anything Else Associated With The Note That Went Along With The Check !

However, Manifesting PROOF IS HERE !!!

The Energy Around This Book Is So Fabulously Put Together & Carefully Crafted That It Created The Opportunity For Me To Manifest Money & Receive The Book At The Same Time !!!!

BTW :::: I Read The Entire Book This Morning ::::: Lovely * Fabulous * Great * Adore It & Especially Because Of My “Child~Code Energy Connections” Were Enthralled With The Pleasure Of Reading It !!!!

Anyhow, As This Is A Very Long~Winded PORTAL TO MANIFEST STORY :::::::::: From The Fullness Of My Heart I am So Appreciative For T.Harv Giving Humanity This Book !!!!!

As It Helped Me Via Reading It !!!

Hopefully It Will Assist My Client To Become Self~Empoyeed Reading It !!!

And The Energy Around It Brought Me Manifesting Proof So That My Client & Others Can See Via A Simple Magical $150 Check Being Received At The Same Time.

What We Focus On Expands !!!

I Successfully Chose This Book To Support Myself/Business With More Tools To Support My Client.

FABULOUS Win* Win* Win Scenario !!!!

Kind Regards, Catalina

I Realize The $150 May Seem Like “Small Potatoes” With Regards To Money !

However, Those “Small Potatoes” With Manifesting Results Will Relate To Where This Particular Clients Money Consciousness Is At & How This Clients Consciousness Can GROW !!!


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