2nd Largest Geyser In The World ::: La Bufadora !!!

La Bufadora Day Trip }}} Located 17 Miles South Of Ensenada Mexico }}} at the tip of the Punta Banda peninsula, La Bufadora (The Blowhole) is an amazing natural marine geyser that is capable of shooting water well over 60 feet in the air.

La Bufadora is considered to be the second largest marine geyser in the world (the largest is located at Makapuu Point in Oahu, Hawaii).

This marine geyser phenomenon is caused by ocean waves being forced into a partially submerged sea cavern, causing great amounts of air and water pressure to build.

The air and ocean water are expelled through the only exit, launching it several stories into the air.

Enjoy The Photos Of This Super Sunday Day Trip Event !

Kindest Regards, Catalina

Started With An Amazing Brunch At Puerte Valle :::: Fabulous Organic Sweet Beet Vegetable Juice * Lentil Vegetable Soup + Hummus Appetizer {{{ Skipped On The Colon Clogging Bread & Corn Chips >>>> Though This Healthy Meal Supported The Trip !!!

Puerta Valle Cafe & Deli :::::::::::::Brunch Stop On The Way To La Bufadora !!!

Photo Of Catalina At Ensenada Bay :::::::: Sparking With Fun & Delight !!!

View Of La Bufadora Bay !!!

Natural Geyser Of La Bufadora {{{ 2nd Largest Geyser In The World }}}

Another Amazing Photo Of La Bufadora Geyser

La Bufadora Geyser With Catalina Standing In Front While Getting Sprinkled With The Water Mist From The Geyser ::::: Salty Tasting !!!

Map Of Where La Bufadora Is Located At !

Tourist Clay Cup At La Bufadora !

La Bufadora Photo Of Catalina !

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