Reporting About Amaranth {South American Ancient Grain}

Organic AMARANTH Is Like Serving The Best “Porridge” Ever !

This Healing Arts Recipe Features Amaranth {{{South American Ancient Grain}}} :::: Though Technically Not A Grain Like Wheat Or Oats >>>>>> However, Once It Is Soaked Ahead Of Time >>> Minimum 1 Hour >>>>> It Cooks Up Like The Smoothest & Best “Cream Of Wheat” You Have Ever Had !!!

Amaranth Is Packed With The Nutritional Health Benefits Of Protein * Manganese * Magnesium * Phosphorus * Iron * Selenium * Copper !!!

Plus Amaranth Provides A Smooth & Easy Process In The Human Physical Body Digestive System.

1/2 Cup Of Amaranth For Each Person Served Will Provide A Good Hearty Warm Breakfast Cereal Experience !!!

In The Photo Featured There Is Fresh Organic Wild Blueberry Milk {{{ Made With Frozen Wild Blueberries * Purified Water & 5 Organic Figs Combined Together In A Highspeed Blender }}}

Organic Mexican Papaya Fruit Served On Top Of Prepared Amaranth !!!

Kindest Regards ~ Catalina

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