A Bit Of An Over~View Of “Her”Story

Catalina Primarily Grew~Up On The West Coast Of The United States { Nevada * Arizona * California } !!!

After Completing College She Then Moved Onto Self~Employment Professional Work In The Fields Of Culinary Arts * Acting * Singing * Modeling * Dance * Spokes~Modeling * Painting * Healing Arts {All Natural Medical Coaching} + Sales & Marketing!!!

* Then One Day After Still Being “Out Of Balance” With Money Despite Lots Of Deep Spiritual Karma Clearing * Years Of Spiritual & Science Studies & Integration Of Those Studies +++ Providing Retreats * Angelic Energy Healing & All Natural Medical Coaching Sessions For Sensitive Heart Based Folks Like You >>>

Catalina Then Made The Decision To Shift Gears *** Roll~Up Her Sleeves & Integrate All Of Her Professional Talents & Natural Gifts Of Well~Beingness Into A New Form >>> Hence, Artists With Money Was Birthed

Why Is The Website Called Artists With Money?

Because The Better You Feel With Your Own Inner Artistry Despite How Your Artistry Expresses Upon The Earth>>> The More Money You Are Going To Attract & Earn !!!

This Is Also One Big Reason Why Catalina Has Continued For Over A Decade To Provide The “Wowzer” VIP Services Of All Natural Medical Coaching!

Having The Sensitivities & Full~On Experience Of Being A Living Breathing Self~Employed Artist All Of Her Life In A Multitude Of Forms >>> The Title Of Artista Extraordinaire Was Claimed !!!

Along With The Embracement Of Feminine Spiritual Goddess Wisdoms That Have Been Well~Earned From Walking The Walk Rather Than Just Talking The Talk Has === World Class Successful Rapid Integral Results Are Abundantly Manifesting In Her Life & Those She Works With::: YES !!!

This Is Also Known As Good & Great Karma!

Kindest Regards, Catalina !