A Bit Of An Over~View Of “Her”Story

Catalina Primarily Grew~Up On The West Coast Of The United States { Nevada * Arizona * California } !!!

After Completing College She Then Moved Onto Self~Employment Professional Work In The Fields Of Culinary Arts * Acting * Singing * Modeling * Dance * Spokes~Modeling * Painting * Healing Arts + Sales & Marketing !!!

* Then One Day After Still Being “Out Of Balance” With Money Despite Lots Of Deep Spiritual Karma Clearing * Years Of Spiritual Studies & Integration Of Those Studies +++ Providing Retreats * Angelic Energy Healing & Coaching Sessions For Sensitive Heart Based Folks Like You >>>

Catalina Then Made The Decision To Shift Gears *** Roll~Up Her Sleeves & Integrate All Of Her Professional Talents & Natural Gifts Of Well~Beingness Into A New Form >>> Hence, Artists With Money Was Birthed !!!

Having The Sensitivities & Full~On Experience Of Being A Living Breathing Self~Employed Artist All Of Her Life In A Multitude Of Forms >>> The Title Of Artista Extraordinaire Was Claimed !!!

Along With The Embracement Of Feminine Spiritual Goddess Wisdoms That Have Been Well~Earned From Walking The Walk Rather Than Just Talking The Talk Has === World Class Successful Results In Her Life & Those She Works With Now !!!

For The Previous 2 Years & Into The 2021 New Year ~~~ Catalina Is Sharing All Of This “Bundle Of Joy” In The Following Ways :::

* G~School {{{ Goddess School }}}

* Private Retreats

* Sessions

* Artistic Portals

* Investment Opportunities