GUILTY: Of Assisting Arti$t$ With Money WELLness & Love Currency For 15 Years Now.

ACCUSED: Of Having Happy Healthy Prospering Clients & Their Businesses By Removing Pressure From Their Imperfections & Failures While Replacing That With New Pathways Of Successful Sustainability 4 Life !

BLAMED: Of Addressing Fears * Tears * Pain * Frustration * Unpleasantness By Welcoming & Creating New Space For Your Dreams * Goals * Desires And Wishes !

SHERIFF SAID: ” Outlaw Now Holds My 1st Class “5~Star” Gold Badge To Reflect The Shiny Value & Results That She Provides With Sessions & Private Personal Retreats Held In Hawaii * San Diego, California * Southern Florida * Baja California, Mexico.”


FELONIOUS OF: Having Folks Expecting *** Achieving Excellence & Experiencing Healthy Intimate Conversation During A FREE 1 Hour Phone Consultation:

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